National Beverage - Glass found in can of jones soda

Charleston, West Virginia 1 comment

purchased jones soda berry lemonade and after my daughter consumed some, complained that there was something in the can. found glass shard approx. 1/2 inch long.

contacted company, got the run around, sent can and glass back to company with the understanding that it be returned to me (preserving the integrity) until we reached full and final settelement. After approx 4 months received letter (no can or glass) saying it was not theirs. Company not willing to share the raw data of testing showing that the glass was ot theirs.

Filing suit this week. don't buy jones soda - berry lemonade in cans.

Review about: Berry Lemonade.



Filing suit? Is it a tweed suit? Or maybe a good Itilian suit?

OH wait you are sueing the company! I see how silly of me...

Please inform us why you are sueing over a $.75 can of soda?

Any people wonder why the economy is in the tank, companies are getting the *** out of the US and Americans are called ***.

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